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The Future Of Email

Mailr is your personal email writing assistant, that can draft any message in just a single click right from your browser

Write Emails 10x Faster

Harness the power of A.I. to write emails and replies in a single click.

The Goal

Simply give Mailr the instruction (the goal of your email) in a few short words.

Your Tone

Next, choose from 10+ custom tones (ex. friendly, informal, persuasive, etc.)


Sit back and watch the magic of Mailr save you hours of work each day!

Take Back Control Of Your Time

The average professional spends over 2.5 hours each day tediously answering emails

Free Forever


  • 2,000 Word Limit

  • Compose New Emails

  • 10+ Custom Tones

Premium Tier


  • 100,000+ Words Per Month

  • Faster Email Generation

  • Early Access to Beta Features

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Mailr is a chrome extension that can be downloaded for free on all chrome devices and platforms